What unifies much of the music released on the Amsterdam label UNSOUNDS is a combination of a strong conceptual attitude with the desire to promote some of the great music that exists outside the mainstream music industry. The reputation of the label has grown in the last 12 years to one of the most respected imprints in the experimental music circuit.

Unsounds was founded in 2001 by guitarist Andy Moor (The Ex), composer/sound artist Yannis Kyriakides, and designer/visual artist Isabelle Vigier. Their aim was to create a platform that would present the breadth of their musical and artistic interest reflected by their diverse backgrounds.

As well as releasing some of their own projects the label has ranged from contemporary composition, improvisation, and sound art by artists such as Robert Ashley, Francisco Lopez, John Butcher, Kaffe Matthews, Anne-James Chaton, Justin Bennett, Calliope Tsoupaki, Alvin Lucier, Arturas Bumšteinas, Sarah Peebles and many more.

The label has recently developed into producing complex products that expands the music into other media. One of our most recent releases, the Book/CD/eBook “Things That a Mutant Needs to Know” by Reinaldo Laddaga, and co-curated by Unsounds, brings together many of the favourite sound artists of the label in a project that reflects the label’s interest in exploring different ways of presenting music. Next to this, the label has a digital collection that allows for more excellent releases reflecting the label’s vision. Unsounds is joining forces with London based Discrepant, for the release of vinyl editions, starting with 'A life is a billion heartbeats' in 02-2015.

the gang photographed by Matias Corral
Yannis, Isabelle and Andy, 2014, photographed by Matias Corral.

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