TIE ME SWIFTLY | Steve Heater, Clayton Thomas, Andy Moor, Sofia Jernberg

TIE ME SWIFTLY | Steve Heater, Clayton Thomas, Andy Moor, Sofia Jernberg
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Format Digital
Release date 2014
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Tie Me Swiftly

you can also download 'TIE ME SWIFTLY' for free from The Wire BELOW THE RADAR and enjoy a portrait of  the wonderful Sofia Jernberg. (Subscribers only)

This track is a preview of a full album coming out in december as a digital download; a collection of songs of a brand new quartet with

Steve Heather - Drums

Clayton Thomas - Double bass

Andy Moor - guitar

Sofia Jernberg - guest vocalist

The group recorded as a trio in Berlin in 2012 and invited Sofia Jernberg to contribute vocals to some of the tracks. The songs emerge from a series of improvisations in the recording studio, all text are written by Steve Heather. Steve, Clayton and Andy recorded by Phil Freeborn at Freeborn Sound, Sofia recorded by Espen Reinertsen.


Tie me swiftly

soft overhand

with care and entwined


The quick release enlaces us

slip then bears on


We writhe in one handed running

and then

dancing double

the chain twist

seeking heightened perfection


Her crown daisy

his hunter´s slim lace snarl


All bright blood diamonds

sweeter than sweet

natural life like and embracing

Lyrics by Steve Heather

Sofia Jernberg Sofia Jernberg portrait by Ziga Koritnik

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