THINGS THAT A MUTANT NEEDS TO KNOW (Digital, English) | Reinaldo Laddaga

THINGS THAT A MUTANT NEEDS TO KNOW (Digital, English) | Reinaldo Laddaga
Catalogue 38UDE
Format epub file with English text
Release date 2014
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Digital release of Unsounds 38U. English version. For iBook & iPads.

Unsounds releases an ambitious project where text and music go hand in hand as a book with 2 CDs, and now also as an enhanced ebook. An ideal format for attending to the resonances between what is read and what is heard. 

A collection of fifty-five short tales and fifty-five musical works composed by a momentary collective of eighteen musicians


Reinaldo Laddaga has created the fictional second volume of an anthology that Argentinean writers Jorge Luis Borges and Adolfo Bioy Casares published in Buenos Aires in 1956. The result is an enchanting and somber collection of very short texts, where the most diverse authors (from Lucian of Samosata to Virginia Woolf, from Emmanuel Swedenborg to Blaise Cendrars) tell stories of walking trees, burning dresses, illnesses mysteriously cured and deaths surprisingly reversed.


Sonic interpretations of the stories composed by artists and musicians often previously featured on Unsounds. The pieces were created specifically, as personal reactions to the texts and their resonances. From a rich and diverse collection of materials, Reinaldo Laddaga and Yannis Kyriakides have assembled a double CD that is a powerful complement to the reading of the stories, but can be also approached as a self-standing sound work.


Christine Abdelnour, Claudio Baroni, Justin Bennett, Sylvia Borzelli, John Butcher, Alan Courtis, DJ Sniff, Barbara Ellison, Ron Ford, Yannis Kyriakides, Anne LaBerge, Reinaldo Laddaga, Francisco López, Machinefabriek, Andy Moor, Gabriel Paiuk, Santiago Santero and Felipe Waller.


The book comprises 10 original illustrations by Isabelle Vigier who is also responsible for the design.

“Things That A Mutant Needs To Know: More Short And Amazing Stories” is curated by Reinaldo Laddaga. This release is also available as epub file with Spanish text or as a double CD with eBook.

NB: ePub file exceeding 500mb, be sure to have a reliable internet connection before starting download.

Danger Is Lurking by Reinaldo Laddaga

Something Terrible Took Place by Andy Moor

Love Conquers Everything by Machinefabriek

And So It Begins by Silvia Borzelli

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