• HYPNOKASÉTA | Yannis Kyriakides with Quatuor Bozzini & Andy Moor
Hypnokaséta (2020-2021) is a continous set of 16 pieces for string quartet, improviser (playing cassettes and any instrument) and live electronics. The source material is based on dreams that I had during the first few months of lockdown, April-June 2020. Accounts of these dreams are encoded in the music that is played by the quartet and also encrypted in the sound textures that surround this. The pieces alternate between quartet as the foreground and electronic interludes, where solos or duos underpin the soundscape. The title of the piece (Greek for ‘sleep-cassette’) refers to a theory of dreams proposed by Daniel Dennett, that says that dreams are loaded into consciousness like a cassette tape during the night and played just before waking.
The piece was first performed under the name 'Cassettes' by Quatuor Bozzini and Andy Moor in October 2022, in Montreal and other places around Quebec.
Yannis Kyriakides


  1. Hypnokaséta I (7:21)
    • 0:00-2:09 / The government’s new cultural scheme
    • 2:09-5:50 / All roads to the airport are blocked
    • 5:50-7:21 / Everyone is nervous, everyone is lost
  2. Hypnokaséta II (7:22)
    • 0:00-3:51 / London is covered in mud
    • 3:51-5:00 / Coffee orders
    • 5:00-6:35 / Invisible games
    • 5:00-7:22 / Ingesting paint particles
  3. Hypnokaséta III (6:26)
    • 0:00-3:54 / The reluctant hotel manager
    • 3:54-6:26 / She lifts the mountain
  4. Hypnokaséta IV (5:22)
    • 0:00-3:37 / Bridges are being dismantled 
across the city
    • 3:51-5:22 / Body swap opera
  5. Hypnokaséta V (8:47)
    • 0:00-4:40 / Swimming pool synthesis
    • 4:40-5:47 / The concert promoter complains 
that not much happens in the piece
    • 5:47-8:47 / Tranquilizer
  6. Hypnokaséta VI (6:57)
    • 0:00-1:46 / Mutations on an empty grid
    • 1:46-6:57 / A harpsichord in a derelict palace

Hypnokaséta I (excerpt)

Hypnokaséta II (excerpt)

Hypnokaséta III (excerpt)

Hypnokaséta IV (excerpt)

Hypnokaséta V (excerpt)

Hypnokaséta VI (excerpt)

82U CD sleeve 82U CD sleeve open
Hypnokaséta album design by Isabelle Vigier.

Quatuor Bozzini and Andy Moor at Dag in de Branding. Photo by Wouter Vellekoop.
Quatuor Bozzini and Andy Moor at Dag in de Branding. Photo by Wouter Vellekoop.
Andy Moor. Photo by Wouter Vellekoop.
Andy Moor. Photo by Wouter Vellekoop.


Quatuor Bozzini
  • Clemens Merkel - violin
  • Alissa Cheung - violin
  • Stéphanie Bozzini - viola
  • Isabelle Bozzini - cello

Andy Moor - guitar and tapes
Yannis Kyriakides - composition and electronics

Recorded by Micha de Kanter
Design by Isabelle Vigier



Yannis Kyriakides was born in Cyprus and has been living in the Netherlands since 1992. As a composer and sound artist he looks for ways of creating new forms and hybrids of media that problematise the act of listening and is often drawn to the relation between perception, emotion, language and how they define our experience of sound. In the last years his work has explored this concept through the use of systems of encoding information into sound, synthesizing voices and projecting text to music. Yannis has written over a hundred compositions, comprising mostly theatre, multimedia and electroacoustic works for chamber groups and large ensembles. Together with Andy Moor and Isabelle Vigier he founded the CD label for new electronic music Unsounds. He is a founding member of the ensemble MAZE, and teaches composition at the Royal Conservatory of Music in The Hague.


Quatuor Bozzini has been an original voice and strong advocate in new, experimental and classical music since 1999.  Driving the hyper-creative Montréal scene and beyond, the quartet cultivates an ethos of risk-taking, experimentation, and collaboration, venturing boldly off the beaten track. With a rigorous eye for quality, they have nurtured a rich and diverse repertoire, regardless of trends. This has led to over 400 commissioned pieces, and some  500 premiered works. Their open, collaborative, artist-led approach has resulted in the realisation of numerous innovative and highly-praised productions, including inter-disciplinary projects with video, theatre and dance.


Andy Moor began his musical career in Edinburgh, Scotland playing guitar with the four piece band Dog Faced Hermans. He moved to the Netherlands to join the internationally acclaimed agit-prop post-punk group The Ex with whom he has remained a member for over thirty years. Since then Moor’s work has evolved outside of the traditional band set-up into solo work, and many collaborations, with long standing collaborations with Cypriot composer Yannis Kyriakides, French sound poet Anne James Chaton and Lebanese saxophonist Christine Abdelnour, amongst others. Moor is also a composer of soundtracks for films, working recently with Iranian filmmaker Bani Khoshnoudi. His latest projects include the quartet Lean Left and The Heretics project with Anne James Chaton. The end of 2021 also saw Andy begin work as a live DJ and radio producer leading to work with Amsterdam based Echobox Radio with whom he broadcasts a monthly live show. Entitled “Blueprints For A Blackout”, these are archived on Mixcloud.


HYPNOKASÉTA | Yannis Kyriakides with Quatuor Bozzini & Andy Moor

  • Catalogue #: 82U
  • Format: CD
  • Release date: May 2024
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