Intense Sound Signal Operates Without Warning by Andy Moor

Andy Moor has made a name as an original guitarist in the avant-garde of improvisation thanks to his unmistakable sound. His solo performances are often compelling explorations of moody soundscapes that are his trademark. A musician travelling the world as part of his daily life, Moor has visited many new places for the first time. As a result of his travels photography has become the other side of his musicianship. In the photographs, places such as Lebanon, Ethiopia, Eastern Europe or the US, that feature prominently in the slide show, seem connected by post-industrial wiry networks. Each place would be difficult to recognise as a location, but instead the collection creates a flow that unifies them in an uninterrupted gaze.

Seen through a train window or from the back of a taxi the photographs are made in passing, and that is maybe what explains how musical they feel, like small improvisations on a theme that just crossed Moor’s field of vision. The slide show is an ongoing project where the selection of images will evolve through time. The slow-paced images operate in the solo performances as a way of taking the attention away from him standing alone on stage with his guitar. The collection also shows a sensitive visual world that is a counterpoint to Andy Moor’s music and a backdrop to his practice as a musician.






tennis court

traffic lights




Music and photographs by Andy Moor, 2020.

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